How I went from 'Hollywood Madam' to Birdkeeper

After three years in federal prison I saw the world differently. A macaw in a cage bothered me so much I could not continue my life and ignore this. This is not about taking away pets. I am not trying to preserve the species nor I am not trying to reintroduce them to the wild, this is about helping the suffering.

Macaws life span is same as ours


Macaws are Suffering from Captivity

Macaws have similar lifespans to humans, and sadly many Macaws spend most of their life in a cage. They are suffering from captivity, and they are victims of the pet trade. I am in my 14th year of living with many Macaws sans cages. They make their own choices, they are fully flighted and have access to indoors and outdoors.

Rescues are Parrot prisons

Most rescues have good intentions, but they lost sight of the objective and they have the same narrative and are a different version of the same thing. They will give you 1 million reasons why the birds must remain in cages, and if you talk to them about opening the cage they will tell you why they can’t.

Macaws are Difficult Pets

Macaws are wild animals, not pets. Sadly, the pet trade has had a serious effect on the wild population of all parrots, particularly macaws because of their slow reproduction rates. They are loud and messy, and they are demanding. It’s not realistic to have a full life, and have a Macaw as a pet where you can provide for it properly.

When People No Longer Care for their Macaws

Sadly, many people neglect their responsibilities as a pet owner, and I have seen many examples of tragic moments when Macaws receive no attention. There should be a place where they can live out their life free. A place where they can have food and shelter, which is not asking for much.

Our Birds





Gary is one of our oldest and most eccentric Macaws. He came from a horrible living environment where he was held in captivity for many years without a chance to spread his wings and fly.





One of our most beautiful pets, Hilda enjoys taking a long fly, and a cold shower. She is such a mellow and happy Macaw, despite the fact that she had to endure terrible conditions for much of her life.





Jonny is a proud Macaw, and he loves to say his favorite word, "Peanut." He loves to glare out onto our land and picture himself flying just before he takes flight. He also has incredibly beautiful colors.

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